Villa Terlingua is looking forward to Winter in Big Bend.

Its been raining for months.  Come see what Big Bend has to offer; tons of flowers, a deeply green desert, and even perfect sunny temperatures (most of the time).

Villa Terlingua has shaded porches, BBQs and heat and air conditioning, but it also has a local guide proprietor who can help you go to the coolest places: swimming holes, the Chisos Mountains, desert oases  Expect fresh early morning sunrises and cool, quiet, clear night time skies.  Come to Big Bend.

Please call, text, or email for availability before reserving (469-607-9828 or and please try to call at least a week in advance.

Villa Terlingua is a privately owned, lovingly refurbished 90 year old limestone ruin within the Terlingua Ghost Town, offering short term rentals by the room or the entire house.

The house was bought as a dilapidated ruin and painstakingly brought back to life over 16 years. Furnished with antiques, books and collectables picked up while traveling around the world, the home is part Mayan, part Malaysian and wholly Terlingua. I hope you will find its character as appealing as it is different, and the rooms as comfortable as those in an urban setting.

The only home rental in the Terlingua Ghost Town, is within 5 minutes of the infamous Ghost Town Porch and the acclaimed Starlight Theater Restaurant, yet it remains serenely quiet.  From its hillside location to the north of the Ghost Town, it offers incomparable views of the rising and setting sun over the Chisos Mountains.  How can this happen? Come and find out!

Inside the Main House, the largest of the three houses, the kitchen and dining area are the center of everything, with both bedrooms attached from this central point, and 3 lofts with full-sized beds above. Each bedroom has beautiful rock walls,  big windows and wondrous bedding.  Adjacent to the master bedroom is the den, with tons of books and a Rumford fireplace. There is one large bathroom with claw-foot tub and shower, flush toilet and its very own private flower garden.  The house has a fully open floor plan with decorative rugs separating the rooms; the only interior doors are to the bathroom. The largest room in this house is actually outside; it’s the porch, which is used for much of the year; and there are sitting areas in various places around the house because sometimes the views are where you’d least expect them.  Wifi runs throughout the premises, both inside and out.

The Guest House and the Papercrete House are made for 2 to sleep comfortably, but can take more.  Both have a kitchen, a bathroom, a porch, a fireplace and a view.

Eight miles to the east is the west entrance to the Big Bend National Park. Twelve miles to the southwest is the Rio Grande river, and the largest state park in Texas, Big Bend Ranch State Park.   The Chihuahuan desert is well represented here and so are many outdoor activities.  This area is famous for river trips on the Rio Grande river, horsepack trips through 40 million year old geology and over 1500 years of human history.  The hiking, birding and botany are superb. Also, when you rent this place you also get me; I have been a long-time guide here and know this country intimately.  I live next door and am always available, if needed,  to help you plan your vacation, show sustainable building techniques or to help you find out which desert plants make the best tea.  I have been a river guide here on and off for 10 years, still do Elderhostel (Road Scholar) trips on occasion, and am the historian of the Ghost Town.  I  am a member of the Terlingua community and I celebrate this lifestyle everyday.  Come and see.  I welcome your inquiries.

Cynta de Narvaez

Villa Terlingua, LLC, DBA Villa Terlingua