This part of the Big Bend is truly the back of beyond. There are limited services. If you have special needs, i.e., diet, etc., you need to bring your own food or medicine. Also, there are no pharmacies. Cell phone service is spotty at best. Some times of the year electricity (as well as phone service) comes and goes and can be out for 18 hours in some cases. This is true for you during your stay and occasionally for me trying to contact you before your stay. We have actually learned to appreciate these times as it reminds us to relax, but it sure makes it hard when trying to conduct business or having a vacation with a tight schedule, but visitors need to be aware of this (mostly happens during July, August, September).

In between holidays is best for visiting the Park; less people and most times, better weather. If you call too late and we are completely reserved, we have friends with comparable home rentals where we would gladly refer you.

Rental Terms

All rentals are subject to a 13% tax. 50% deposit is due at time of reservation. Payments are processed securely and safely by PayPal. You can pay with a credit card via PayPal without a PayPal account.

Also, you can call 460-607-9828 and I, as a flesh and blood human being, will process your credit card personally.

As to the final payment, we prefer our guests to complete their payment after they are all packed up; tanned, rested and ready, on their way out the door and extremely sad to be leaving. You get to have your vacation first.

Cancellation Policy

We know no one wants to cancel their vacation. Let us know you need to cancel within 30 days of your reservation for a full refund (minus PayPal’s part), After that, let us know immediately and we will try to rent your time slot. Whatever we can’t re-rent we will credit to your next visit here.

House Rules

  1. Smoking outside only please.
  2. No guns of any kind.
  3. No children capable of shrieking or slamming doors.
  4. Please no children under 4. The house is filled with art and glass and unrailed stairs and porches. Someone is going to get hurt. Also, there cannot be more children than adults.
  5. Please do not take books or artwork. Your credit card will be charged full replacement value (scarrrry).
  6. No excessive drinking or partying here. No more bachelor parties. The desert carries sound for miles. Even when you talk normally my neighbors 1/4 mile away can understand what you say.
  7. No motorcycles. The driveway can be difficult for motorocycles to traverse, and the noise is disturbing to the neighborhood.
  8. No dogs. There are almost no places where dogs are allowed in either park and certainly not when you go out to dinner. The dog will be in a foreign house, with its owners gone for up to 8 hours at a time, miserable, and, we have found, barking and chewing the furniture or the doors. Please hear me, you will have a better vacation if you can leave your dog at home. (said by a true dog person)

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