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A quintessential Terlingua experience

Relax in a Ghost Town

The house is a 90-year-old ruin which I bought in 1996 and took 16 years to fix up. It housed five Mexican miner families during the mercury mining boom here (1903 through 1943) with five rock rooms inside and two large outdoor rooms where they cooked and slept in the summer. The walls are 18-inch limestone rock and all the rocks came from my property. The rock mason, a Comanche/Mexican artisan, napped everything with my geology rock-hammer – not an electric saw. The walls are exquisite and belong in a church, hence the old name for my house, “Our Lady of Perpetual Construction.”

The floor-plan of the house helps increase fresh air in the summer, and the aspect of the house increases warmth in the winter. Most of the water used in the house is from rain water catchment, but the toilet and laundry are on town water. There are more books in my house than there are in a bookerary and so time not spent playing outside can be sanctuary.

The Main House is $400 a night plus tax, with a 2 night minimum stay (3 night minimum during the busy season). The house has 5 double beds and 1 single, and can sleep up to 8 people. (Call for special requests). No cleaning fee.

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Extraordinary Views

This is the famous Terlingua view of the Chisos Mountains of Big Bend National Park.  On clear days you can see 70 miles into Mexico.  The house sits around the hill to the north of the Terlingua Ghost Town, so the “scene” is available but not compulsory.  Its quiet here.  Quiet and lovely.

Features & Accommodations

Master Bedroom

Full sized bed with great sheets and fluffy quilt. Headboard with flowers and Christmas lights. Big two door closet with shelves and lots of room for luggage. Three east facing windows with a good rising sun opportunity. Air conditioning in summer, heat in winter. Always cozy.

Green Room

Queen sized bed. Door to the outside with its own entrance to the south parking area. Door to bathroom. South facing windows. Record player. Forty million year old fossils throughout the stonework of the walls.

Fish Room

One single bed and one child’s bed around a kiva fireplace.  Full natural history and local history library with great big windows facing north.

Loft Space

There are three sleeping lofts with full sized futon mattresses on the floor, bedside lamps, electric fans, and places to plug in electronics. They are accessed by two wooden ladders, so folks must be physically fit to ascend them. The lofts are open, surrounding the top of the kitchen, and each has awesome linens and quilts.


Porches on 3 sides of the house with dining table and three sitting areas. The Porch has 2 full sized sized futons real star-gazing/sunrise lovers to sleep outside.  Stars, lightning, the Chisos mountains, sunrise, sunset, great breezes.

Full Kitchen

Two refrigerators (one 9  cubic feet and electric, one 4 cubic feet and propane), large 4 burner stove, counter space galore, 2 sinks, dining table, complete set of dinnerware, cookware, utensils, etc., north facing windows, great character.


60 inch claw foot tub, on demand hot water heater, rainwater provided, limestone shower with window, sink with counter space, flush toilet (town water provided), private outdoor flower garden.  Great towels.


There is a Rumford fireplace, the same kind used by the colonists, as well as Thomas Jefferson and Henry David Thoreau, which actually warms the room in the Library. The kiva fireplace in the Fish Room forms a wonderful sitting and reading nook.

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Unique Interiors

The Main House comes with The Green Room (with queen sized bed, closest to the bathroom), The Master Bedroom (with full sized bed, Xmas lights, a big closet and three east facing windows), The Fish Room (one single bed, one child’s bed, and a kiva fireplace), 3 sleeping lofts with full sized futons, lights, electric fans, and place to plug in electronics, and two full sized futons outside on the Porch for real star-gazing/sunrise lovers. Included in the Main House Rental is a full sized bathroom, computer den and full kitchen (there is only one bathroom, so pick your friends carefully). Also outside, there’s a BBQ grill, porches on 3 sides of the house and exquisite views.

The Main House is $400 a night plus tax, with a 2 night minimum stay (3 night minimum during the busy season). The house has 5 double beds and 1 single, and can sleep up to 8 people. (Call for special requests). No cleaning fee.

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The views from the front porch are of 3 different mountain ranges in an area covering 500 miles, including most of Big Bend National Park.  Don’t miss this desert gem.  
Villa Terlingua is simply extraordinary–it’s like sleeping inside (and outside) of something you may read about in architecture digest.
This was our first time to visit Big Bend National  Park. So we were not sure where the best location to stay in or around the park would be. Without a doubt-Villa Terlingua is it! 
Jan, Scott, Elle & Austin

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